To rent gear, please email us at, or come to the SDC before dive time each week.

Dive Room

Our base of operations, the Dive Room, is located at the end of the Racquetball Hallway in the SDC. It is well equipped to support year-round diving in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Our cascade system (pictured below) allows us to fill up to three tanks simultaneously. Unfortunately, we cannot gas blend at this time. We can only provide Grade E air (21% O2, suitable for diving purposes but not for partial pressure gas blending).


We have 12 sets of Dive Rite XT regulators. These are environmentally sealed regulators, suitable for extreme cold water diving.

Exposure Protection

The Aquanauts are proud to announce that we have five drysuits available to our members. We also have two semi-dry suits and a great number of single and two-piece wetsuits ranging from 3mm to 7mm in thickness as well as gloves, boots, and hooded vests.

Buoyancy Control

Jacket and wing style BCs are available to our members in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

Other Important Equipment

The Club has various fin sets, dive reels, lights, flags, masks, and other useful equipment available for members.