Becoming an Aquanaut

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to become an Aquanaut as it involves staying at depth long enough for your body to reach equilibrium with the ambient pressure (more commonly know as Saturation Diving). However, joining our club is easy! We operate off of a three-semester cycle of Fall, Spring, and Summer. Membership dues are $35/semester or $80/year for MTU students, and $45/semester or $95/year for non-students. To pay your dues, meet up with an officer at the dive room or at our weekly meetings.

As a member of The Aquanauts, you will receive full access to the equipment in the dive room. Unlimited air fills are included with membership. To access these benefits, just contact one of our officers. One of them will work with you to find a time to meet up and help you out. Please remember that while our officers are happy to help you, they are busy students and may not be able to help you immediately. We ask that you get in contact with one of them a few days before you need equipment so as to make sure you get what you need on time. You can contact us at

Members are always welcome to attend our weekly pool dives and our weekly meetings once the school season starts. If you are not a member but are interested, please feel free to drop by a meeting to sit in and ask questions.

Meetings take place in Room 238 in the SDC at 21:00 every Thursday, followed by pool dive time at 22:00-23:00.