Contact Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any of the below email addresses. This club email is staffed by all of our acting officers.


President, Alec Tangen

Vice President, Maggie Stangis

Secretary, Drew Burkett

Equipment Manager, Matt Kiekintveld

Treasurer, Jake Williams

Webmaster, Drew Burkett

The Scuba List

If you are interested in receiving updates from us, you will need to subscribe to the Scuba List by fallowing the link and hitting "Subscribe" after logging in with your Michigan Tech ISO. If you do not have a Michigan Tech ISO, contact us using one of the above emails and we will add you manually. The Scuba List is our primary method of dive planning, so if you want to dive with us being on that list is the best way to make sure you get the information. We also use the list to communicate important club and certification information.